Pierluigi Fusco Girard: “Linificio creates a Gran Reserva Linen”

Pierluigi Fusco Girard is the CEO of Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, the Italian and Worldwide leader in linen yarn spinning since more than 140 years.
We recently had the pleasure of speaking with him about Linificio’s new projects and about the corporate philosophy that will be followed in the next years.

Fusco Girard presented to us Linificio, the history of this glorious Company of Italian excellence that, since 1873, is synonymous of quality, versatility and innovation, even at world level, always keeping faithful to the historical values of Marzotto Group about being “Italian and sustainable”.

“ilMioLino – he revealed us – is a Gran Riserva linen yarn”. Like the best wines are obtained by blending different grapes from different vines, in the same way at Linificio, we are producing ilMioLino: ”We select and blend flax fibers with different features to create a unique and inimitable blend that evolves in refined high-quality yarns”.

What makes Linificio different from competitors, it is also the competence to design and build its own machineries in order to create unique linen yarns. “Thanks to our Lininpianti – Fusco Girard told us – it is always the machinery that adapts to the yarn and never vice versa ”.
But the perfect combination between tradition and innovation needs to be enriched by the human factor. In Linificio, this humanity brings people to produce with inimitable passion and strong know-how the best linen yarn and leads Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale to create products that perfectly adapt to the customers’ needs.
“…being more and more globally recognized for the combination of the highest quality of products and service: that’s the goal that Linificio sets for itself. ilMioLino wants to be a yarn designed and tailored to the success of Linificio’s customers”.

Fusco Girard told us, at the end, the philosophy of Marzotto Group, which has always been oriented towards social and environmental sustainability.
A production, therefore, that respects and loves the territory where it is hosted and the environment that sustains it.
Linificio’s yarns are produced only by using raw materials coming exclusively from suppliers that comply with the principles of environmental sensitivity, as the Company is and wants to continue to be an added value for the territory.

Choosing ilMioLino can represent a small solution to the climate change and global warming: flax is a highly sustainable plant, during its growth contributes to the increase of oxygen and the reduction of one of the main greenhouse gases – the carbon dioxide – without depriving the soil or consuming and polluting water.

At the same time, as long as temperatures and humidity will continue to grow, it is always highly recommended to dress linen clothes: a fresh material that presents the highest capability to absorb moisture.

ilMioLino is the energy coming from Marzotto Group’s philosophies. ilMioLino is art, ilMioLino is innovation, ilMioLino is history and it is the future.

ilMioLino is just ilMioLino.

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