A linen thread from Milan to Paris. Trends’ analysis in Europe

From Milano Unica to Premiere Vision in Paris: sustainability has been the main protagonist of the two events, while ilMioLino of the collections.

In both the exhibitions, the main theme was the sustainability, strongly requested from visitors that have been satisfied by what they found.

The fil rouge was the research of new solutions and the study of new technologies to obtain fabrics with the minor environmental impact, from selection of the most environmentally friendly fibers up to the production processes with less environmental impact; the circular economy is becoming more and more the focus also in textile.

Never like this year, sustainability was accompanied by beauty: the collections presented turned out to be of course sustainable, but also of the finest quality.

Exactly for this reason, ilMioLino (this year mentioned in Green Italy 2017, the report of Symbola), perfect combination between beauty and sustainability, was the protagonist of many of the most elegant and fascinating collections presented in occasion of the two events.

Most of the fabrics presented in the collections were characterized by compact and micro woven structures, very light, and with soft hand. Mainly 100% linen, but also blended with wool or silk for weaved fabrics, tencel or nylon for knitted fabrics.
Frequently the brightness and the flames of the yarns were combined in a game of extremely refined contrasts.

If, in Milan, the neutral colours stood out; in Paris were presented burnt browns colors with délavé aspects and fabrics with very fine striped patterns, squares in contrast between shiny and opaque, micro patterns on fabrics worked in double, obtained with a skilful using dyed and fancy yarns, able to enhance three-dimensionality.

From yarn to fabric, this year the linen has found a new forward momentum. Sustainability, Quality and Continuous Innovation: all the features that make ilMioLino the best choice to be protagonists.

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