Considerations on the year just ended. Forecasts and trends for 2018

December is the last month of the year, and it brings with it the responsibility to collect every report, consideration and purpose of the past few months and of the future ones.
For this reason, we interviewed Eugenio Piscopo and Maurizio Colzani, respectively Product Development Manager and Commercial Director of Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, to give us an overview of the linen market in 2017 and of the tendency of the market in 2018, both in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Maurizio has been very clear: if we must summarize the state of the market in linen industry, it is clear that “linen keeps on performing one of the most important role among the most requested yarn”.

If 2016 was a year of growth in every market, 2017, on the contrary, it has been one of transition, during which a global drop of the linen market has been recorded. Shirts, knitwear and clothing have been falling sectors, while furnishings and home textiles have remained stable.

Very interesting, in terms of numbers and tendency, it has been the growth of the demand from the technical-textile sector with an environmental friendly background. Here it is always stronger the need to replace synthetic fibers with natural ones and the most sustainable in the world, as linen and hemp.

The research of high sustainable fibers has been one of the main theme of 2017 and it has been also one of the engines of economic recovery of the last few months for the linen market that, probably, will grow stronger in 2018.

Talking about trends, the demand for personalisation of linen products is now consolidated, as Eugenio confirms: “2017 has been, for Linificio, a year strongly based on collections’ activities and development of products tailor made on our customers”.

If in furnishing and home-textile, the research has been focused more and more on performing products, in clothing, shirts and knitwear sectors, the market was focused on yarns with the following features:

Quality. It is growing the demand for linen yarn with high cleanness and regularity often made of fine or extra fine counts. Innovation. Fashion needs constant innovation and yarns must keep up with the change. Dyed Yarn, melange and in intimate blend with technic fibers such as Nylon and Tencel, will be of utmost importance in the next collections of fabrics having unique performances and surprising shades. Sustainability. More and more firms work with Linificio to realize products highly sustainable and certifiable with labels as Ecotex (also for products intended for babies) and GOTS.

Quality, Innovation and Sustainability are the main aspects that the market asked for, and they are also the pillars that, together with the quality of the service offered to their own partners, support Linificio to create the perfect union between the yarn “thought”, “studied” and “realized” for the success of customers.

This desire to be different from the rest of the market, has led Linificio to create a new line of yarn, ilMioLino, which represents the new production frontier: all the art of linen enclosed in a yarn, born from the tradition but aimed at the future. All strictly designed in Italy and made in Europe.

Thanking Eugenio and Maurizio for the patience in answering all our questions, we wish you a 2018 of great growth!

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