Linificio dresses one the most exclusive areas of Bergamo, its hometown, with a field of flax and hemp

Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale celebrates and renews an ancient tradition linked to its territory: the cultivation of flax and hemp for textile purposes.

The Italian Company, European leader in flax and hemp spinning, brings again to the Valle della Biodiversità [Valley of Biodiversity] of Bergamo two crops that have been absent in Lombardy since the second post-war period.

As a matter of fact, today a hectare of land is being cultivated in flax and hemp with two objectives: (i) contributing to re-add value to the area around the Monastery of Astino, which since XII century has been a landmark for the territory and (ii) with the emotional involvement also of its territory, making the extreme beauty, charm and nobility of flax better known, as well as the high value and versatility of hemp, the two most sustainable textile natural fibres in the world.

Thanks to an agreement with the Town Council of Bergamo, the Fondazione MIA and the cooperation of the Parco dei Colli, in the month of April it has been possible to sow flax and hemp in one of the most beautiful and distinguished areas of the town of Bergamo.

With the cooperation of highly experienced agronomists, such as the French Terre de Lin, the Linificio will handle the whole cultivation cycle by experimenting extremely innovative agricultural techniques and by using state-of- the-art sensors. These have been donated by the A2A Company and will be placed on the land allowing, for the first time in history, to constantly monitor the fundamental parameters for the growth of both plantations.

After hundred days, in the month of June, those who will be passing by the town of Bergamo may enjoy the enchanting blooming that, like magic, will turn the fields into blue-sky stretches.

From this hectare, biologically cultivated, it may be gathered 6 tons of stems, out of which will be obtained about 1,500 kg of fibre. This fibre will be processed in the factory of the Linificio in Villa D’Almè to obtain yarns, that will be used to produce about 4,000 m 2 of high value and refined fabrics.

In order to spread and valorise noble fibres such as flax and hemp, Fondazione MIA will be the cultural promoter of the initiative that, in cooperation with the Orto Botanico – Valle della Biodiversità [Botanical Garden- Valley of Biodiversity] will organise cultural, educational, and entertaining events throughout the cultivation period. These events will be open to everybody and will take place in the fascinating locations of the ancient monasteries of Valmarina and Astino.

There is nothing more to say. A new initiative by the Linificio and Canapificio Nazionale that always looks forward its clients and market, but that never disregards its own territory. This is an opportunity to bring together people from Linificio and lovers of nature and flax, who in this way may “see with their own eyes” the guaranteed and controlled designation of origin (GCDO) of this production.

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