Stock Service with the customer for the customer

Few months ago Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale has improved its Stock Service and everything that is about the managing of orders “just in time”. For this reason, we went to Villa d’Almè to meet and interview Linda Rota, in charge of Stock Service, that kindly told us the new logics and expectations of this important added value offered by Linificio to its customers.

We are very proud of what we are at Linificio, but above all we are proud of the reason why we are like this: every single customer is important to us and that is why we always study new ways to optimize our services”.

At Linificio you can daily breath the desire of finding new ways to mix perfectly quality of products and services. One of the pillars that contributes to the quality of services is the delivery time: “We are proud to say that in 2017 35% of deliveries have been done in one work week from the order. It is a good score, but there is always a margin to improve”.

To further reduce the times to a minimum, we created the Stock Service for dyed and melange yarns that gives more added value to product and services: customers will have the chance to choose the yarn they prefer among the ones in stock, selecting one of the available colours and receiving it, also in small amount, with almost zero waiting time.

At the moment the items available with this service are the dyed yarns – substantive, reactive and Indanthrene – and Erica, our solid délavè yarn and New Opale, our melange yarn”.

But news are not finished yet. At Linificio, there is always the desire to look beyond and for this reason, the Digital Colour Card project started.

In an innovative and unique way we created, in collaboration with Shima Seiki Italy, a colour card in digital format with the highest fidelity, that we will send per email once a week to our customers. In this way they will be able to visualize it directly on their devices, quickly and easily, to know stock availability and to make orders quickly and effortlessly”.

The Digital Colour Card, that will not obviously substitute the standard version – sent anyway in occasion of each collection to all customers – it is a double added value service: the speed of reception and therefore fruition, and the sustainability, a value that has always distinguished Marzotto Group. The chance to digitally preview our colours and our proposals guarantees savings in terms of paper, transportation and consumption of material.

At Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale we are very proud of what we are and how we work to grow keeping up with the market’s demand: this is why we work with the customer and not just for the customer”.

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