You never cease to discover reasons for using linen in your collection. A yarn that has always matched elegance to unique characteristics in the textile industry

From painters’ canvases to high-fashion shirts, from sails of ancient galleons to sophisticated home trousseaus, from underwear to luxury accessories, from candles to high-value armchairs. Not only elegance: there are dozens of reasons that have always caused man to use the linum usitatissimum in day-to-day life. This thanks to some of its technical characteristics that make linen the only and ideal choice for usages that are very different one another.

Nevertheless, which characteristics make linen so unique and eclectic? Let’s discover it together:

Resistant. Linen fibre is the longest natural fibre, that’s why all the fabrics that derive from it have a very high resistance to wear and tear and washings. They are very long-lived, they do not produce “bobbles” (fibre accumulations), which are typical of other fibres, and you do not have “hair losses.” That’s why the ancient Greeks used linen fabric as sails for their boats and today many of the most beautiful and rich table-clothes of our trousseaus are made of linen.

Hygroscopic. Thanks to its composition and morphology, linen has a high capacity to absorb humidity. This characteristic, together with the high resistance, makes it perfect for the best painters’ canvases, since you can obtain high dyeing performances, livelier and brighter colours, greater resistance of the colour to the light, and there is no problem of hair loss under the paintbrush.
Its high capacity to absorb humidity is a very appreciated characteristic even by those who have to dye linen, since you can obtain high dyeing performance and unique colours for brightness and liveliness.

Thermo-regulator. History teaches it to us, usages hand it down, but today also science confirms it to us: due to the disposition of the cells composing linen fibre, as a “radiator,” linen fabrics prove to be fresh and transpiring in summer, isolating in winter.
This characteristic, together with the high hygroscopicity and resistance and with the fact that it dries rapidly, makes the use of 100% linen t-shirts and shirts the perfect garment both in summer and in winter.

Antistatic. The particular chemical conformation allows linen not to charge itself electrostatically, a property that is of great interest both to clothing world and to home world. In fact this property, together with the fact that the fabric proves to be an excellent thermo-regulator with high hygroscopicity, makes 100% bed linen the perfect trousseau for a healthy and fresh rest.

Anallergic and naturally antibacterial. These peculiarities make it particularly interesting for all those fabrics that are in contact with skin because it proves to be anti-odour and does not cause irritations, but, instead, it produces an agreeable sensation of wellness.
The fact that it is anallergic and antibacterial, together with its high capacity to absorb humidity, makes it a perfect product for chic underwear.

Sound insulator and UV-absorber. Two very appreciated properties above all in the interior design industry. Linen capacity to absorb noise and to cut a wide range of UV rays makes it the ideal product for window curtains, but also as product to introduce within a home to damp down the ever-increasing sound pollution to which all of us are submitted.

100% sustainable and biodegradable. Linen has a unique environmental “footprint”. Zero water consumption, excluding rainwater, no soil and water pollution. Zero waste. From the plant to the production of the yarn, linen is a perfect example of circular economy because its processing generates waste that, becoming sub-products, may be reused to make other handmade products, not necessarily textiles.

In brief, linen has countless qualities that makes it unique, noble and near all needs of the man of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Like ilMioLino, there is only ilMioLino.

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